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Jena Thompson

As the founder and CEO of Daisy Blue Naturals skincare, Jena Thompson had not originally set out to be an entrepreneur. But now she is truly making a difference in the lives of people across the United States through her line of 100% natural skincare products. Although the business has grown leaps and bounds in recent years, with consultants nationwide, the business had humble beginnings.

The Birth of Something Better

A chemist by trade, and a naturalist by heart, Jena found herself conflicted.

After giving birth to her son in 1999, she did not feel comfortable using standard store bought products. “Like any first-time mom, I just wanted the best for my son,” Jena explained. “When I started to read the ingredients on self-care labels I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I knew there had to be a better option to all the harmful synthetic chemicals.”

Jena set out on a mission: Armed with her new bundle of joy, her chemistry education, and a handful of natural ingredients, it wasn’t long before Jena was making her own handcrafted soaps and lotions from her kitchen. Gaining popularity among family and friends, her business quickly outgrew her home.

“I expanded from the kitchen, to the basement, and eventually to 1,200-square-foot shed,” said Jena who, as quickly as her business grew, developed a passion for educating people about the benefits of natural skin care.  “It’s really out of this passion that Daisy Blue was born,” she said.

What Was Missing
Despite Daisy Blue’s accomplishments, Jena felt stuck in a cycle that was preventing the growth of her business and affecting her personal relationships. Work was consuming her life, and she knew that something was missing. The business she had built from the ground up was hijacking her life, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on it at the time.

“As an entrepreneurial woman, you don’t always know that you need help,” Jena recalled. “You just know that something is missing.”

No stranger to the work of Pat Honiotes, internationally-renowned personal empowerment coach, in early 2015, Jena was introduced to Pat’s 80-Hour Work Week Cure. She describes the program as “life-changing.”

“It was truly what I needed,” said Jena, who had received personal coaching guidance from Pat, in the seven years prior to completing the 80-hr Work Week Cure program. For Jena, this program was different to anything she had ever experienced.

The Pinpointed Path to Passion

According to Jena, what makes the program so effective is that it’s “specific to women and very one-on-one.”  With the skills and awareness that she gained, Jena says her business is now running more efficiently without any additional staff. After seeing a 40% increase in sales since beginning the program, Jena attributes Daisy Blue’s growth to the program’s unique design.

While Pat brings in coaching and personal growth, Jena appreciated that the program is focused on the unique needs of female entrepreneurs and their businesses. “You’re a mom, a wife, a business owner,” Jena said, describing life as a female entrepreneur. “You’re cooking, you’re cleaning and trying to be superwoman.”

More “dynamic and pinpointed” than anything she’s ever experienced, Jena said that through the program she was able to get back on the right path by focusing on why she started, what she needs, and what her “heart really wants.”

“As a female entrepreneur, we love what we do and we start for a reason,” Jena said. “It’s not always just about the money.” With passion as the main driving force behind her business, Jena said that part of why the program works so well is that “it helps you rediscover the passion and fun behind the business.”

Awareness, Accountability and Action

Already a slave to her business, Jena admitted, she wasn’t sure if she could take on any more work. Not only was this a four-month program, the first of the five modules required her to keep a journal logging how she spent every hour of her day. With the tools and techniques Pat has uniquely designed with the female entrepreneur in mind, Jena was able to gain a new sense of awareness and accountability.

“I started seeing results right away,” Jena said. “Pat helped me to identify how I’m spending my time, and how much of my personal life has become consumed by my business. Taking advantage of the extra one-on-one coaching sessions with Pat really helped change my relationship with accountability. It empowered me to be accountable for my communication, delegation and commitments.”

Rebuilding Relationships, Lasting Results

Jena said her relationships, prior to completing the program were “struggling.” Missing out on so much personal time with family and friends took its toll, but the 80-hr Work Week Cure allowed her to repair, rebuild and renew these bonds.

“I can honestly say my relationships have never been as good as they are now,” Jena said. “I’m still working on them, but I’ve come so far from where I was… Now I can really enjoy time with my family and be totally present, instead of being constantly distracted by my business.”

Not only is the program so effective because it’s specifically tailored to female entrepreneurs, with her trademark matter-of-fact, “low-cal” (not sugar coated) approach, Pat is able to really connect to the heart of the matter and deliver her message in a way that’s understandable to each program participant. Unlike other programs, the 80-hour Work Week Cure is specifically designed to develop lasting results.

“The length of the program was great,” Jena said. “If it was just a month, it wouldn’t stick… It has got to be longer. You’ve got to have the consistency and the consistency helped me to build up my new skills and awareness like a muscle.”

Knowing Your Worth

While making the leap to commit to the program may seem daunting to some, Jena has experienced the immediate results first-hand. With 20/20 hindsight vision, Jena sees the value of investing herself in the 80-hr Work Week Cure.

“If anything is important enough to you, you’ll find the time, the energy and the will to make it happen,” Jena said. “It was important enough to me because I knew my relationships were really suffering and my business wasn’t where I wanted it to be.”

Jena says she made the investment in herself because she knew the worth of her life, her family and her business.

“The question is: Are you worth it?” Jena said. “Because it will change your life.”


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