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Yes          No ___   ___   Do you ever say “Yes” when you really want to say “no?” ___   ___   Do you ever say “I don’t need any help” when you really do? ___   ___   Do you ever say “That doesn’t bother me” when it really does? ___   ___   Do you ever say “Just one more drink [...]

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Are You Recognizing Your Prosperity?

Is there any possibility you may be dismissing, ignoring, or discounting some of the prosperity in your life? While, at the same time, desiring, longing for, chasing after and working “really hard” to have more, never seeming to really get it. There are those who ignore prosperity (usually because it doesn’t look exactly like they [...]

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The Label Virus is alive and well and has reached epidemic proportions. In the past few weeks, several experiences have brought my attention (again) to exactly how many people use the Label Virus as an excuse not to do something.   I would say literally thousands of people use the Label Virus as an excuse to [...]

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Overcoming Overwhelm Part 4 – Looking Forward

Welcome back to the final part in this series on Overcoming Overwhelm.  Picking up where we left off last week, here are some final suggestions on creating more balance and liberty in your life. Routine is your friend. This is pure physiology: the brain tends to send much less stress signals if it knows what’s [...]

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Overcoming Overwhelm Part 3 – Taking Steps to Eliminate Stress

In many cases, you can dramatically reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing by changing only one thing, the way you think – your attitude. As a popular saying goes, “An attitude is an inward thought that wiggles its way out!” Nobody says changing the way you think is easy to do and it [...]

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Overcoming Overwhelm Part 2 – How Stress is Born and Why

Our bodies are extremely complex and efficient systems, where everything happens for a reason. Stress, in fact, is not just some unfortunate ‘bad’ occurrence. It is a complex mechanism which mobilizes your resources and prepares your body to work on maximum settings to overcome a threat. Evolutionally, such reactions, induced by hormones and leading to [...]

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7 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

How many times have you planned your day with the intention of completing ten major projects, only to have it derailed by one interruption after another? Somewhere around the lunch hour, a wave of disappointment slowly begins to creep into your soul as you realize that more than half of your day is over and [...]

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5 Signs You Are In Overwhelm

Whether you own your business, are a high level woman executive or are the frontline employee interfacing with customers, it is highly likely that you are wearing more than one hat in today’s workplace. You are being given more and more tasks each day and, with those tasks, you are seeing that the metrics of [...]

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The 5 Most Common Prosperity Killing Mistakes

Forgetting that the Law of Attraction that says “what you radiate you attract” includes your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures, attitudes, body language, “looks,” as well as the words that you speak.  So, it is important that all your ways of expressing are congruent, that you are radiating a clear message. Creating a vacuum for the prosperity [...]

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